You are a small child running alone down the sidewalk
of a busy street, bare legs, bare feet in the cold.
hungry and afraid with desire to get away from mamu
sleeping on the floor, somehow out the door toward
the large brown dog you don’t fear but should, you run .
Your big fear is mamu lying on the wood floor, her dress up
her leg. A bus stops. The kind driver can see you alone
and the dog off its leash coming near out there, she runs
after you. You stop and turn to her. She lifts you up like a real mother
She sees the big dog coming and hears other dogs barking protest.
When she picks you up, you burrow in and cry for the unfairness
delivered to you. She covers you in her arms. She is warmer
than a blanket and you cry to feel so good. She gives the dog
a leer and a maternal hiss of primal proportions. He turns away.
Passengers on the bus cheer. She is their hero today.
She brings you aboard and you are their hero too; they clap at you.
She said she always wanted a bouncy baby boy. They can see
your new teeth, you are ticklish. When she raises you over her head.
you are proud, you swing your legs and laugh. She said
you were so brave. Now you hope, you hope you belong
to the kind lady. She smells so good it makes your chest full,
and how she will be like your mother, not just a new mamu


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